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Rain Gun Irrigation Systems

Rain gun Irrigation system can be designed with either complete Portable System where a portable lateral with rain-gun stand is progressively moved or a semi portable System where only the Rain gun is required to be moved on the underground outlets.



  • Quarter to one acre of area can be covered from one position
  • Various Turbo-gear and Impact Driven models for different capacities
  • Saves water, time and labor for Irrigation.
  • Designed for adjustment in droplet size and Impact depending on crop
  • Angle of rotation adjustable for full and part circle operation. Light weight and sturdy with high workmanship.
  • Highly energy efficient works using 2 to 5 kg/cm2 water pressure, thus saving on cost of power and pumping.
  •  Prevents salination caused due to over Irrigation thus maintaining soil productivity.
  • Rain gun irrigation systems are most suitable for medium sized farms of 5-10 acres. The cost per acre is most efficient in closed row spacing crops like wheat, maize, fodder crops, sugarcane, ground nuts, pulses, turmeric etc.