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EPC for Piped Irrigation Network

Irrigation sector is the biggest  consumer of water as more than 80% of available water resources in India are being presently utilized for irrigation purpose. However, the water use efficiency is just 25 to 40 %. The solution to improve water use efficiency is Piped Irrigation Network.

A well planned, designed and constructed piped distribution network for irrigation purposes can deliver water in the right quantities, and desired rate, with the right pressure and at the right time without causing operational problems to the water authority or to the consumers.

To achieve the above, the piped distribution system must incorporate all necessary structural and operational aspects and any constraints imposed at the source or in other parts of the system. Chiraharit aspires to be a leading provider of complete engineering, design, supply, automation, installation and commissioning of Piped Irrigation Network projects.

We understand the challenge and have the design and execution skills needed for Large Scale Piped Irrigation Network Projects.