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Hose Reel Irrigator

Hose reels also called as Traveling Gun Systems or Rain gun on wheels. These systems are usually hard hose reels with a rain gun attached to a cart at the end of the hose. They consist of a water gun that sprays water over the crops as the sprinkler cart progresses along an irrigation path. These systems follow the path where the hard poly hose has been laid, rolling it up as it travels. They require much less labour than movable Raingun systems.

  • Mobile irrigation system – ideal for farmers with small land parcels at different locations 
  • Speed control to ensure right quantity and precise of application of water 
  • Because of proper pump selection, right droplet size to ensure usage from pre-sowing irrigation to irrigation even during flowering 
  • Can be operated in fields where there is no power supply 
  • Ideal for close row crops like fodder, wheat, cotton, chickpeas, bajra, potatoes, soybeans, groundnuts, maize, oil seeds and pulses 
  • Easy to maintain and operate
  • Design agnostic in comparison to other irrigation systems which need the field layout for ensuring proper design and implementation