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Center Pivot Irrigation Systems

As the name suggests, center pivots irrigate in a circular pattern around a central pivot point. Pivots can apply water, fertilizer, chemicals, and herbicides. This versatility can improve the efficiency of irrigation practices by using a single piece of machinery to perform several functions. Center pivot machines are electrically powered, using either a generator or a public power source.


Center pivot machines have been used in irrigation for decades. Center pivots, can lead to increased yields and less water wasted compared to other irrigation practices such as flood irrigation.

Center Pivots systems are far superior systems for irrigation of closed row spacing field crops like corn, soyabean, potatoes, wheat, sugarcane etc. Center Pivots offer return on investment in by saving time, labor, fertilizer and chemicals, while virtually eliminating deep percolation and runoff.

Chiraharit is the Authorized Dealer for Lindsay Corporation, USA. Lindsay is the second largest center pivot manufacturer in the world.