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Drip Irrigation Systems

Drip Irrigation System is the most versatile and most precise water application system for agriculture. It reduces. Drip Irrigation system can be designed for all gardens, vineyards and row – crops, from flat land to undulated land, from small farms to community irrigation projects, with manual operations to automated systems. It has benefits of:

  • Most precise water application system as waters the roots of plants.
  • As the water application is towards root zone and covered by foliage both leaching of water below root zone and evaporation of water from soil surface can be limited.
  • Reduction of weeds growth and hence lesser requirement of water and nutrients.
  • Can be used for both flowing water (rivers/canals, etc.) and stored water (ponds/ water reservoirs).
  • All water-soluble fertilizers and crop treatment doses can be applied with Drip Irrigation System.
  • Can be used for small farms to large community irrigation projects.
  • Versatility of usage for flat land to undulated land.
  • Highly modernized be automated and controlled with mobile/ laptop.
  • Irrigation can be scheduled for small time at regular periodic interval.
  • It is long lasting and adaptable.
  • Minimizes diseases that can grow and spread on wet leaves.