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Landscape Irrigation Projects

Landscape Irrigation is the most beautiful application water application system. Though considered to be expensive it is most economical system maintaining an evergreen greenery in our environment.

  • It can be used for small kitchen garden, vast colonies, golf courses to large stadiums.
  • It has versatility and can be used for grass, plants, hedges and trees.
  • Has large adaptability of usage on side of pathways and corners of gardens for watering of grass
  • All water-soluble fertilizers and crop treatment doses can be applied with Drip Irrigation System.
  • Pop – up sprinklers being installed at ground level removes hindrances while movement and application of machinery like lawn mowers.
  • Irrigation can be scheduled through automated controllers and solenoid valves for small time at regular periodic interval.
  • Can keep gardens, colonies, golf courses and stadium lush green even in peak summer time.